Why choose TiZo – Age Defying Fusion as your sunscreen?


The secret to TiZO’s appeal is the Age-Defying Fusion

The fusion of multiple mineral particles with specialized skin-conditioners produces the unique aesthetic and sensory appeal, which encourages frequent use that leads to healthier and more attractive skin.

happy-sunThe sun is the #1 disruptor to skin health & beauty.  Most people know this but don’t wear sunscreen for two primary reasons:

  • Aesthetics (“Sunscreen doesn’t feel good on my skin”)
  • Vanity (“A tan makes me feel more attractive”).

Conversely, women use multiple skin care and beauty products daily – the ones that feel nice on their skin and make them feel more attractive. TiZO’s technological breakthrough, known as Age Defying Fusion, was inspired by the insight that people will wear sunscreen and keep their skin more healthy and attractive, if the aesthetic and sensory appeal exceeds their favorite beauty product.

What is Age Defying Fusion?  Fallene’s proprietary Age Defying Fusion” integrates Reflective Physical Particles and Purified Minerals with unprecedented Aesthetic Elegance to create sunscreens that are uncommonly gentle, highly protective and a pleasure to wear.

Pleasure to Wear:  TiZO is formulated with epidermal emollient conditioners to make skin feel soft & supple, void of oils and fragrances.

Uncommonly Pure & Gentle:  TiZO minerals are purified to Pharmaceutical-grade and sit invisibly on top of the skin and not absorbed, which dramatically decreases the possibility of skin irritation.

Superior (Beauty) Protection:  TiZO’s multiple Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide particle sizes are coated and structured to create a uniform layer of coverage that prevent UVA-UVB rays from reaching the skin, which inhibits pre-mature skin aging and the formation of free-radicals TiZO uses the #1 rated sunscreen ingredients, as designated the United States E.P.A..

Solar Protection Products Include:

TIZO3 – SPF 40 – TiZO3 is a tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers superior sun protection in a silky, cosmetically elegant lotion, with a non-greasy matte finish.  It contains the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filters that helps prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness.TiZO3 layers invisibly under makeup and refines the look of the skin.

TIZO2 (NO TINT) SPF 40 – TiZO2 is a facial mineral sunscreen for lighter skin tones and those with very fair skin (Fitzpatrick I and II). TIZO2 gives an elegant, silky, matte finish. It contains the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filters resulting in excellent, broad spectrum protection to help prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness.

TiZO Ultra-Sensitive Sun Protection SPF 40 – A uniquely formulated mineral sunscreen designed for the most sensitive skin, utilizing the #1 rated sunscreen filter. TiZO for Ultra-Sensitive skin gives a soft, silky and elegant feel that easily and quickly vanishes into the skin. It is excellent for post-procedure, easily-irritated and young, sensitive skin.

Solar Protection SPF 58 – Solar Protection Formula SPF58 is a strong yet elegant sun protection suitable for daily use. It leaves skin soft and smooth. It is a lightly tinted formula that fades to your natural tone. Formulated with the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filter and does not contain chemical sunscreens. Solar Protection Formula SPF58 is excellent for children.

Solar Protection SPF 65 – Solar Protection Formula SPF65 is a super-protective Oil-Free sunscreen that will not clog pores. It is ideal for use under foundation to beautify the skin and help prevent sun damage that causes wrinkles, sagging and loss of firmness. Solar Protection SPF65 is excellent for daily use on the face and body.

Solar Protection Formula LIPTECT SPF 45 – Solar Protection Formula LipTect SPF 45 is specifically developed for the thinnest layers of skin on the Lips, nose, and Ears. It combines Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and is free of chemical sunscreens, resulting in excellent broad spectrum protection. LipTect SPF45 is an elegant soothing formula that fades to a natural skin tone.

For more information contact Alexander’s Aesthetic Inc at 800-367-2539 or e-mail us at alexanders@thegrid.net

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