Three reasons why waxing with LYCON can save you money and grow your revenues!

LYCON Wax is known around the world as the crème de la crème of waxes! Used by spas and waxing professionals in over 75 countries, LYCON waxes are formulated with the finest of resins, pure beeswax, and sensuous aromatherapy. So how can switching to LYCON save you money and grow your revenues?  Here is how!

  1. Use Less Product– Product usage is incredibly important when analyzing your cost per service. LYCON Strip waxes are all applied super thinly on your skin (think transparent!) and leave no sticky residue behind. You can get 28 half leg waxes out of an 800ml strip wax container. The cost of wax for this service is only $1.48 and because the wax is applied so thinly, there is less product build-up on your waxing strip which means you can wax more surface area with just one strip. Choosing a LYCON Hot wax will allow you to achieve superior results by removing all the hair in one application and leaving the skin extra smooth. LYCON Lycojet Hot waxes often referred to as the Superhero wax, can pull hair as short as 1mm, eliminating any need to tweeze! Not only can you reduce your product usage and supplies (strips), but you can also reduce your service time allowing you to fit more services into your busy day and increase your revenue from treatments.
  2. Acquire New Customers and Grow Your Current Ones- Spas who use LYCON often say that they see a 20% growth in revenue in the first month of switching to LYCON! The main reasons for this growth is that your current customers will experience LYCON on one area of their body and want more! The customer who only came in for an eyebrow wax will return for an eyebrow, a lip and an underarm on their next appointment after experiencing the exceptional results a LYCON wax offers. Secondly, your loyal customer will spread the word and you will begin seeing new customers come through the door. Switching to LYCON means the loyalty from your current customers will grow and your new customer base will also increase without a lot of financial investment.
  3. The Wax Doesn’t End in the Wax Room– Have you experienced LYCON’s Spa Essentials Retail products? LYCON offers a variety of retail products that compliment the wax and allow customers to maintain their wax in between services. LYCON’s Ingrown-X-it Solution is perfect for treating and preventing ingrown hairs and can be applied in service as well as sold as a retail product. Exfoliating between waxes is important in order to help the skin stay smooth and reduce ingrown hairs. LYCON’s sugar scrubs come in a variety of scents (Lavender & Chamomile, Mango & Guava, Vanilla & Cocoanut, Pomegranate, and Pink Grapefruit) and are perfect for routine use between waxes. Adding on retail not only helps your customer to achieve the best possible wax, but it is also a great way to grow your revenues.

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