The Importance of a Good Home Skin Care Routine

The Importance of a Good Home Skin Care Routine

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As you know the type of home care routine your clients follow is very important in helping them achieve healthy skin.  Even if they are doing monthly skin care treatments, 60% of desired results will be from home skin care.

Performing a skin analysis on your client can determine skin type, any existing conditions, and client concerns, which then can be followed by a recommended treatment course.  Usually home skin care regimes contain a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and SPF.  Waxing retail may include exfoliation gloves, body scrubs, and ingrown hair serums.  These products may also change season to season depending on environment and lifestyle changes.

Recommended professional home care products are rich in high quantities of active ingredients that will benefit your client’s skin in a multitude of visible and invisible ways.  The products that are recommended might be higher in price, but use better ingredients and are more effective than the products on the drug store shelves.  Remind your client that skin care results will not happen overnight and they may need to use a product for up to 8 weeks before they see results.

Once your client has their skin care routine down, make sure that their facial appointments don’t decline. It is important to stay consistent with professional skin care treatments so that their skin and skin care products will work harder for them.  Having a daily regime is very important, but incorporating a monthly facial will advance the regeneration of your client’s skin. Not only will their skin be tighter, dewy and healthier, but their home care products will penetrate better and provide accelerated results.

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