SuperCitrus Facial

SuperCitrus Facial PictureIf January has been a slow month for you, we’re here with a fun facial to help you promote your services. Introduce your “Spa Specials” and super schedule your appointment book!

SuperCitrus Facial:

Supercharge your skin with an antioxidant rich blend of lemon, grapefruit and green tea in this brightening facial.  Dry, sun damaged skin is treated with a blend of lactic, glycolic and the natural lighteners kojic and arbutin, leaving the skin hydrated and radiant.  The vitamin C properties in this facial makes it an exceptional anti-aging treatment and boosts the skin in antioxidant protection.

This facial features our Lemon Zest Enzyme and your choice of mask.  To view the protocol for this facial, Click Here

Information via SkinScriptRX

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