Simple Ways to Keep your Business Going during Covid-19

Alexander’s Aesthetics wants to help you through this challenging time. We understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the esthetician community and all small businesses around the country. Here are a few ideas to keep your business going so you can eventually resume your normal operations and be as successful as before.

CONTINUE TO SELL RETAIL PRODUCTS – check out our Drop Ship option

  • Helps build your business
  • Helps your clients maintain their hard work
  • Helps reduce the stress on your clients skin during the crisis


  • Most popular: FaceTime, Skype, Zoom
  • Provide easy instructions for them
  • Educate them on Self-Care
  • Encourage to relax and recharge
  • Provide tips on how to cleanse their skin
  • Provide tips on a 60 second facial massage
  • Recommend products


  • Most popular: FaceBook, What’sApp, Instagram, Twitter
  • Provide easy instructions for the
  • Educate them on Self-Care
  • Encourage to relax and recharge
  • Provide tips on how to cleanse their skin
  • Provide tips on a 60 second facial massage
  • Recommend products

STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS – discuss new skin challenges they might be facing during this time and offer product recommendations.

OFFER NEW CLIENTS a FREE CONSULTATION before they come see you for a facial.  Give them a head start on their home care routine.

Your consultation can include a skin assessment, which can include nutrition advice and product recommendations.

OFFER an AT HOME FACIAL KIT – Encourage your client to continue with skin care and have a SPA DAY at home.


  • Reach out to your loyal waxing and sugaring clients!. Educate them on the benefits of professional hair removal (not shaving) and hair removal home care.
  • Make sure your hair removal clients stock up on their ingrown hair products.

Also, take this time to address their skin care routines. Use this opportunity to turn your waxing clients into skin care clients!

Body Care

  • Spring is here and even though our clients are not soaking up the sun right now, encourage them to add body care to their Self-Care routine. Promote exfoliation gloves, scrubs and body lotions.

Take advantage of companies that DROP SHIP to your client. Don’t stress about not having products in stock or recommending a new product to your client that you don’t carry yet.

  • Drop Ship allows you to not spend extra money trying to keep your retail stocked.
  • Get started retailing to your client even if you have not done so in the past.
  • Once your client purchases an item – contact your wholesaler and have them ship directly to your client. You save time and money.

We understand that not every small business has the ability to adapt in a short amount of time. Focus on the adjustments you can make. Offer free or discounted shipping, since continuing in-store sales is not an option for most. Most of all, even a small change can make a difference so don’t be afraid to be creative. Adapt your services to the needs of your clients. This is not the time to make the biggest sales, but it’s a time to find simple and effective ways to keep your business going.

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