Product Spotlight: Super Repair CoQ10

10156118_10154731931300392_7267645095899002942_nOur Super Repair CoQ10 Moist contains the highest level of active CoQ10, a natural antioxidant present in the body, to help re-establish the process of cell energy, transfer and communication.  Our Alphasomes® technology allows for targeted penetration of the ingredients for heightened results.


  • All-in-one intensive, anti-aging skin moisturizer
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discolorations, and other indications of premature aging
  • Helps to improve skin’s tone, texture and firmness
  • Exclusive Alphasomes® technology for targeted delivery of active ingredients


Alpha Palmitoyl Pentapetide-5: fights visible signs of aging  by supporting cell metabolism
Grape Stem Cell Extract: helps protect against and reverse visible signs of aging including wrinkles and fine lines
Sigesbeckia Orientalis Extract, CoQ10: help to encourage cell energy, transfer, and communication
Vitamin C, Cranberry Seed Oil, Bilberry Seed Oil: help skin to repair itself
Propolis Extract, Allantoin: enhances cleansing action
Phyllantus Emblica Fruit Extract, Wasabi RootExtract, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate:  help to lighten the appearance of age spots and moisturize

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