Product of the month: Dr. D. Schwab Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

With the holidays around the corner, the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is an ideal mask to add on to your facial service!
This unique combination of Pumpkin Enzymes and Green Tea Extract this mask acts as a peel! Improves skins texture and brightens the appearance after just one treatment.
Use this enzyme after Microdermabrasion, or as an ending mask to bump up any facial treatment.

For an even more aggressive treatment follow this protocol:
-Cleanse using the Herbal Foam Cleanser
-Manually exfoliate with the Bamboo Cream Peel
-Follow with Microdermabrasion treatment
-C.S. Citusome Serum
-Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (5-8min)
-Herbal Toner
-Ginkgo Moist with AHA

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