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Estheticians are well prepared, organized and business minded folks…right? Haha. I’d like to say we all are but sometimes, like any professional. We might miss a few extra things that can make us successful. Retail and education being two main things. 

Imagine going in for, let’s say, a dermaplaning service, asking your spa professional to explain the treatment, and they are unable to explain why they are doing a dermaplane or how the skin might react to it. We would instantly lose trust in them. As the professionals in the treatment room we need to be able to thoroughly explain why we are doing certain services and recommend particular homecare products.

Retail and education go hand in hand when it comes to our client. Estheticians need essential education so we know what the heck we are talking about when we educate our clients about homecare or services. This blog will be directly focused around chemical peels, how to prepare your clients for the service and how to retail homecare.

Setting our client up for success.

After you have done a complete consultation, and decided your client is a candidate for the peel, it’s time to start the process of home prepping. Two weeks prior to the chemical peel treatment, start your client on a routine for home, consisting of a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and SPF. The skin will do best with the peel if it has the correct water acid (pH) and a healthy acid mantle. This allows for better penetration and tolerance of the chemical exfoliant into the skin.  Clients should stop all exfoliation, acids and acne treatment 1 week prior to the service. Facial waxing should be stopped 2 weeks prior to service. Tell your client to keep hydrated. 

Post care is equally important. The goal is to support the skin’s healing and assist with the cellular turnover rate. I tend to sell these products with the consultation for the service so my client has everything at home. Stress the importance of doing their homecare twice daily and using SPF in the morning. Avoiding heavy sweating, exfoliation, picking at the skin, and products with high amounts of retinol for 10 days – 2 weeks will help the skin heal quickly.

Retail bby, retail. 

I struggled retailing products or feeling like a product pusher for years and still sometimes do. Having an online store has helped with that, also reminding myself, estheticians aren’t just selling just to sell, we are selling to help and promote success with client skin goals. If you can explain the product to your client they are more likely to buy it because you can explain why they need it as part of their homecare.

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Educate yo’self. 

There are many resources out there to keep you on your game but we have a few helpful classes coming up and resources available to you.

Chemical Peels – YouTube

September 19, 2022: Online Paid Training: Minding Your Microbiome

October 17, 2022:  In-Person Paid Training: Treating Acne with BiON

November 7, 2022:  In-Person Paid Training: Skin Script Chemical Peel Product Knowledge 

Read our blog on chemical peels. 

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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