New Product: Doctor D. Schwab Clinical Alpha Prho-LE Serum

Alpha Prho-le SerumDoctor Schwab Clinical’s Alpha Prho-LE Enhancing Serum has been clinically proven to prevent premature aging and promote overall skin health and rejuvenation, making it ideal for use before and after cosmetic surgery. This cutting-edge, innovative serum was created to reverse physical and environmental damage from factors such as chemical peels, abrasives, and sun exposure.

Alpha Prho-LE Enhancing Serum’s advanced peptide complex reduces the appearance of fine lines, boosts firmness, and restores skin’s elasticity by employing a three-pronged approach to address the effects of skin homeostasis imbalance. In Phase One, this unique serum stimulates key stem cell pathways expressed in the epidermis to promote cell protection and the skin repair process. During Phase Two, collagen synthesis is enhanced to promote a plump, full, healthy skin appearance.

In the final phase, Alpha Prho-LE Enhancing Serum improves the survival and function of skin’s regenerative cells to promote maintenance of healthy-looking, vibrant skin. Two powerful proprietary peptides and a host of ultra-pure botanicals provide the trifecta of ingredients that re-texturize and rejuvenate aging skin. In order to maximize absorption of these key peptides, Doctor Schwab Clinical uses its patent-pending Alphasomes® technology. This focused and controlled delivery system ensures the most effective reversal possible of the harmful effects of environmental and oxidative stressors, yielding a robust, youthful complexion.

In a clinical study over a period of 28 days, participants saw a significant decrease of 19% in wrinkle depth. Furthermore, skin hydration increased by an impressive 47%, skin firmness by 18%, and skin elasticity improved by 10%. With continued use, increased correction can be expected in the areas of wrinkle depth reduction, rejuvenation of dull and tired skin, and overall skin enhancement.

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