New Pearl Wax

Cirepil Pearl: Velvety textured STRIPLESS low temperature wax formulated with synthetic rosin, fragrance free and color free.  Pearl is created with the same shrink wrap technology for superior hypoallergenic hair removal.  Easy to work with, goes on very thin and stays pliable for comfortable and gentle hair removal.  Exceptional results on all hair length and textures for all areas of the body, especially sensitive areas.  Available in 800g beads.
Cristal Cleansing Lotion: A gentle pre and post alcohol free hypoallergenic purifying and cleansing lotion with healing properties.  Ingredients Include: Sea water, aloe vera gel, olive oil.  Available in 250ml and Liter.
Pearlescent Pearly Depilatory Oil: Pre & Post Depilatory Oil comprised of healing and softening properties.  Excellent to use for a hypoallergenic massage treatment.  Ingredients Include:  Calendula extract, coconut oil, sunflower oil.  Available in 250ml and Liter.
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