Men’s Waxing is Big Business

Throughout the globe, male waxing is increasing in popularity as men turn to skin care professionals in the fight against unwanted body hair. From wayward brows to hobbit toes and everything in between, guys have been shaving, creaming, plucking and trimming unruly hair in the privacy of their own homes for years.

The fact remains, however, that all of these methods can be time-consuming and only provide smoothness for a few days before the dreaded itch of regrowth sets in.

Fortunately, male waxing is a quick and easy way of temporarily removing unwanted body hair without the mess and fuss of creams or razors.  The results not only last longer, but also provide a built-in bonus for technicians since hair has a habit of growing back.

The demographic

Although waxing has always been prevalent within various sectors of the sporting community, the past few years have seen its popularity rocket outside of this arena among guys of all ages and backgrounds. Spurred on by media interest in fuzz-free celebrities—from film stars to sports personalities—chaps throughout the Western world are increasingly taking the plunge and booking themselves in for a spot of hair removal. The trend appears set to continue as more and more men realize that good grooming extends beyond the hair on their head, with waxing becoming one of the most sought-after spa services by male clients.

From builders to bankers, the personal reasons for waxing are as many and diverse as the guys who get it done.

  • Many guys find that being hair-free feels cleaner, cooler and more comfortable, especially during the summer months.
  • Other clients are embarrassed about their body hair, or they or their partners may simply prefer the smooth look.
  • On a practical level, a hairless body often has sports-related benefits for swimmers, athletes and cyclists, making waxing a great add-on service for personal trainers, massage therapists and sports therapists. Make connections with these professionals to provide male waxing services for their existing clients.
  • Guys with piercings and tattoos are also a captive audience, because waxing allows them to show off their artwork to its full potential, rather than hiding it under a bushel of hair.
  • Waxing of intimate areas heightens sensitivity

The future of male waxing

For skin care professionals with an open mind, a steady hand and a healthy sense of humor, male waxing can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding profession, and is a valuable addition to many a treatment menu.  Of course, you should never feel pressured into offering a particular service if you really don’t want to.  However, it is worth asking:  If your existing male clients, or the partners and friends of female clients, are currently going elsewhere to get their hair removal treatments—whether this be another spa or their own bathroom—are you missing a trick?

Article by Andy Rouillard via Skin Inc

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