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The Escential system was developed and manafactured in France by Perron Rigot, one of the worlds leading and largest wax manufacturers.  Each of the Escential products incorporates the latest advancement in depilatory waxing technology to provide optimum hair removal results.  Our unique low temperature formula contains the finest FDA approved ingredients.  Aroma therapeutic fragrances are added for client comfort.  A natural beeswax base ensures that all of our products are gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin types.  The Escential Waxing System is one of the most cost efficient waxing systems available today.  The rich creamy consistency of our Escential wax provides ups to 25% more applications per can than other traditional waxing products.

Escential Hard Wax/Non-strip Wax:

Escential No-Strip Rose Wax – a non-strip wax that is comforting and harmonizing to the skin.  Removed without a strip, this is the newest technique in hair removal.  Thick, creamy, smooth, and easy to apply, it is recommended for use on the face, bikini, and underarm area.  It is formulated and designed to encapsulate the hair in the wax for the most effective removal method available today. This is a low temperature wax. Suitable for all skin types, hair textures and lengths.  Patented formula remains soft and pliable. Excellent for facial waxing, underarms, bikini, Brazilian, and men’s grooming. Sensual rose scent.

Escential Soft Waxes/ Strip Waxes:

Escential Lavender Soft Wax a low temperature strip wax for sensitive skin. The thin sparkly gel-like texture makes the application and removal a breeze, and it creates a calm waxing environment with its gentle lavender scent.  Suitable for use on all skin types, hair lengths and textures. Apply in a thin application and remove with nonwoven strips.

Escential Green Tea Soft Wax Thin sparkly gel-like texture. This wax is the ideal strip wax to use for all clients.  It is used at a low temperature and very effective in removing all types of hair.  Your clients will love how silky their skin feels after the procedure. Apply in a thin application and remove with non-woven strips.  Has an invigorating crisp aromatic scent.  Recommended use on legs, back, arms and chest.

Esential Pure Soft Wax Thin, gel-like texture. Pure with its distinctive hypoallergenic formulation, this wax facilitates a thinner, more cost-effective application.  Unparalleled performance on even the shortest, coarsest hair.  Pure leaves behind smooth, clean healthy skin.  Uncompromising hair removal results, it’s the perfect choice for legs, backs, chests, and arms.  Speed waxing at its finest! Fragrance-free with a microcrystalline base. Use with strips. Great for sensitive skin.

Pre and Post treatment:

Escential Rosewater Cleanser – Gentle Rose scent is what gives this cleanser its appeal.  An antiseptic cleanser used to clean the skin before waxing.  May also be used after waxing the underarm or bikini area to reduce any possibility of infection. It contains only 9% alcohol, which provides antiseptic benefits without drying the skin.

Escential Jasmine Oil – This oil is necessary to use before the waxing application but after the cleansing of the skin with the Rosewater Pre-wax Cleanser.  Jasmine oil facilitates the removal of the wax while acting as a barrier protecting the skin; it ensures the wax will be removed easily and won’t stick to the skin.  Only a very small amount is needed to rub into the skin prior to the application of wax.  Excess oil should be removed by gently wiping a tissue across the area. Excess oil in the area of waxing will result in mediocre results, so use very sparingly.  Powder is not used with this waxing system.  Gentle jasmine scent.

Perron Rigot After Waxing Gel – With soothing plant-based extracts, Cirepil Perron Rigot Cooling Gel is specifically designed for tired legs—it delivers a cool, fresh feeling to the skin. It is formulated with botanical extracts for soothing application. Apply this gentle gel in a circular motion.

Perron Rigot Moisturizing Lotion – Recommended as a daily moisturizer, this lotion will keep your clients’ skin healthy and nourished between their waxing services.

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