Important Notice: Skin Script Price Increase & New Products

Price Adjustment
After 14 years, Lisa Vanbockern, owner of Skin Script has found it necessary to adjust prices. This will be Skin Script’s first price adjustment. Before anyone gets upset, keep in mind some items are going down in price!

As you can imagine, the pandemic has done a real number on supply and demand. Ingredients and packaging are sourced worldwide (although it is all created here in Chandler, AZ). When the pandemic hit and companies closed for months, Skin Script’s ingredients and packaging were not shipping, which created a supply and demand problem. What Lisa also didn’t anticipate was how it would affect transportation in the shipping world; shipping costs have doubled due to the demand for shipping items. It’s for these reasons we need to incorporate a price adjustment.

What’s changing?
Skin Script is implementing approximately a 10% price adjustment across the board on most retail products. The samples and backbar prices are adjusted based on the new retail price. You’ll notice the backbar moisturizers have gone up more than 10% and that’s because now the pricing will be in alignment with the “retail price per ounce”. What’s going down in price? Backbar cleansers. These have been adjusted according to the “retail price per ounce”. We sincerely hope this fits with your business; remember to adjust your retail pricing according to the new prices.

New Products

Mint Lip Hydrator
This easy to use lip treatment will help lock in moisture while peppermint cools and stimulates the lips. Shea butter is soothing and supports the delicate tissue of the lips by slowing TEWL. The mild mint flavor comes from peppermint oil. The slant tip applicator makes application a breeze!

Citrus-C Nourishing
Skin Script’s new gentle, yet robust, Vitamin C cream is for normal to dry skin. We still have our classic Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum for your normal to oily skin types, but now you will have the option of which one you and your clients like best!

If you have any questions, call us at 800-367-2539, or email us. We appreciate you and your continued business.

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