Enspri Skin Care Class

Were you unable to attend our Enspri Skin Care Class?  Check out what you missed!

About Enspri – This Ultra Collagen Treatment contains two components: Pure Collagen (powder) and Vital Hydrator (gel). By combining these two products, a fresh and highly effective collagen mask is formed. The mask delivers many benefits to the skin such as tightening and revitalizing for a healthy, youthful appearance in only five minutes per day.

Pure Collagen is 100% ultra-fine marine collagen peptide in a unique powder form, free of unwanted additives, preservatives and chemicals. Our pure formulation uses Enzyme Engineering Technology to produce an ulta-low molecular weight for greater skin absorption.

Vital Hydrator offers an effective delivery agent for Pure Collagen and its benefits. The combination creates a light and refreshing, yet powerfully effective, facial treatment to reduce blemishes and immediately tone and tighten the skin. The beneficial blend of essential vitamins and antioxidants-including organic aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extracts-provides additional soothing and healing properties.

Sheer Ceramide is a rich hydrating serum that enhances the skin’s natual ceramide lipid barrier to optimize and protect essential skin moisture. Formulated in a silky smooth serum that is quickly absorbed, our lipid-rich cermide primes the surface for more effective moisturizing. This pure and potent formula combines precious lipids, antioxidants and skin moisturizing ingredients to help increase the skin’s hydration level while smoothing the skin’s texture all day, which is vital to younger looking skin.

Beyond Moisture is a light, easily absorbed blend designed to work with Enspri’s Sheer Cermide. OUr potent combination of natual botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals provide a solid foundation for long-lasting moisturization, and contains soothing and healing properties for tired or stressed skin. Lastly, borad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 sunscreen helps prevent skin damage and the premature signs of aging.

Total Eye Boost is a synergistic blend of the latest bioactive peptides designed to target the total eye area. This potent combination of ingredients is delivered in one powerful boost to help stimulate collagen and elastin productionwhile reducing puffiness and dark circles – which results in a more firmer, brighter, rejuvenated appearance. Total Eye Boost also prevents and dimishes fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial tension and strengthening connective tissue even on mature skin.

For more information on Enspri or classes call us at 800-367-2539

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