Cirepil Wax Demo – Leg

Tiffany Montalbano, Cirepil & Escential Wax Educator and Esthetician demonstrates a half leg wax using Cirepil’s Hypoallergenic Cristal Ocean Wax, Cirepil Cristal Cleansing Lotion, Pearlescent Pre Depilatory Oil and After Waxing Gel.

Cirepil Cristal Ocean – Hypoallergenic fragrance free, microcrystalline formula vs traditional bees wax. Best for sensitive skin! But suitable for all skin types, superior results on short coarse hair but effective on all hair lengths and textures. Cost effective, goes on very thin, leaving skin smooth, without residual wax on the skin. Speed waxing just got faster.

Cirepil Cristal Cleanser – Cristal Cleansing Lotion is a gentle pre and post alcohol-free purifying and cleansing lotion with healing properties.
Contains: Sea water: Purifies and clenses while leaving the skin healthy and moist. Aloe Vera Gel: Cellular stimulation with healing properties, moisturizes and calms the skin for anti-inflammatory results. Olive Oil: Essential fatty acids acting as a hydro-lipid film, protects, calms, and nourishes the skin.

Cirepil Pearlescent Pre and Post Depilatory Oil – Comprised of healing and softening properties. Excellent for a hypoallergenic massage treatment.
Contains: Calendula Extract: Anti-inflammartory antiseptic with healing properties soothes and calms the skin. Coconut Oil: Nourishes and moisturizes, even the most sensitive dry skin. Sunflower Oil: Calming properties that regenerate and revitalize skin.

Cirepil After Waxing Gel – Contains soothing plant based extracts, this gel produces a cool fresh feeling to the skin. Massage into the skin to stimulate circulation and complete your clients waxing experience.

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