Ca Botana: Transition skin from summer to fall


Months of swimming and tanning can strip your skin of essential oils and nutrients, leaving it dry and dull.  Get your skin glowing again for fall by exfoliating dry, dead skin and following with a hydrating, nutrient-rich mask!

  • Bamboo Cream Peel provides radiant skin year round. Slough off dead skin cells with this gentle skin smoother with natural bamboo, jojoba beads and crushed almonds. Leaves your skin soft, smooth and silky.
  • Ginkgo Mask contains a revitalizing blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and Ginkgo Biloba bioflavonoids which help to brighten the skin and restore its vitality by stimulating micro-activity. Ginkgo has long been recognized for its powerful free radical scavenging abilities as well as its ability to strengthen tissue and help cells maximize skin’s oxygen levels. Skin will emerge refreshed and smooth with natural moisture balance restored. Sweet almond oil softens skin and acts as a free radical exchanger while aloe and chamomile extracts soothe and calm.

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