Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Rescue Cream


Did you know Rescue Cream was developed specifically to help patients recovering from chemotherapy and radiation?

For over 10 years, Doctor D. Schwab has worked with doctors and hospitals to provide Rescue Cream to cancer patients worldwide.  Its intensely soothing powers even help damaged skin heal after chemical peels, burns, and surgery.

Rescue Cream is a soothing, emollient cream that is a moisture restorer which helps to bring relief to skin damaged by sun overexposure, aggressive peels, burns, environmental impacts, and even dry skin suffering from the harsh side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Active ingredients seal the skin’s surface to help begin healing and regeneration. A combination of six herbal extracts helps to significantly reduce blistering and calm over-stressed skin. Soothing botanicals and oils help to start the skin healing process, reduce skin blistering and redness, and lock in moisture to help regulate, restore and normalize extremely dry skin.

Soothing botanicals such as Evening Primrose Oil, Balm Mint Extract, Avocado Oil, and Aloe Vera help to start the skin healing process.  Arnica, Squalane Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil help to reduce skin blistering and redness. Sweet Almond Oil and Cactus Extract lock in moisture to help regulate, restore and normalize extremely dry skin.

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