Boost your skins moisture by adding a serum!

gingkosome serum

Colder weather means drier skin for many.  Encourage your clients to boost their moisture level by layering a serum like G.S. Ginkgosome® under their moisturizer.

Ginkgosome Serum –  A Must for everyone!  An advanced patent-pending micronized liposome technology, enriched with active ingredients including Ginkgo Biloba extract. Dramatically enhances the moisture retaining capacity of the skin. Just a few drops applied daily, in the morning, provide immediate, visible improvements in skin tone, texture, firmness and vitality.

AM/PM Moisturizer – AM/PM Moisturizer is a fine, lightweight and highly concentrated dual Day and Night Moisturizer with natural ingredients and botanical extracts. It helps control sensitivity, redness and swelling and is an ideal make-up base.  In addition, it is non-comedogenic.

Why do you need both?  Moisturizer protects your epidermis, or your outer layer of skin, while serums address the dermis, the internal potion of your skin responsible for your skin’s support and elasticity.  Serums have a smaller molecular size and higher active ingredient content, which enables them to penetrate deeper, providing nourishment to the underlying structure of the skin.  The larger molecular size of moisturizers allows them to seal water into the layers of the skin, keeping it supple, and hydrated.

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