Another refuses to remove his baseball cap

Another refuses to remove his baseball cap and sunglasses when asked for a positive match with his passport photo. All the while, they continue talking to other members of their party, don’t remove earphones and even munch on mangoes while swearing categorically they haven’t brought any fresh fruit with them. Airports, perhaps.

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cheap oakley sunglasses Deborah Sampson was the first American woman soldier. She enlisted in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary. Because women were not eligible to enlist in the military at that time, Sampson disguised herself as a man. Doan and his wife Mora, of Kermit, planned to spend the weekend at the beach and do some fishing on North Padre Island. Instead, they spent their Saturday in a rented pickup looking for Franklin. And I left the truck running and locked but the windows were down a little because my dog was inside,” Doan said. cheap oakley sunglasses

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