Alexander’s Spring Favorites

Spring is the season when we think about renewal and reinvention, so what better time to refresh your clients skin care routine?  Here are some of our favorite products to freshen tired winter skin and get your clients ready for the lovely spring weather that’s heading our way!

  1. Sea Enzyme Sea Salt Scrub –  Aromatic Sea Salt Scrub will refine and smooth your entire body with the essential infusion of Olive Oil, Avocado and Japanese Citrus.  Skin will glow and feel pampered.
  2. Lycon’s Ingrown X-It Solution – Get your skin warm weather ready with Lycon’s Ingrown X-It Solution.  It mildly exfoliates, decongests and helps minimize the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs.  Arnica and Allantoin soothe angry looking red spots and promote skin healing. Great for after waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, electrolysis and for anyone with regular breakouts or congested skin. Does not sting or burn.
  3. Doctor D. Schwab Grapefruit Cleanser – Brighten up dull winter skin with Doctor D. Schwab’s age-defying Grapefruit Cleanser!  The unique blend of grapefruit peel oil, pineapple extract, and green tea extract with the infusion of lactic acid thoroughly cleanses as it brightens complexion and refines pores.

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