6 Ways to Grow Your Waxing Business


Want to grow your salon or spa profits?  Waxing is a high demand, repeat service that is very profitable, with low overhead!  In 2015, IBIS World has valued the hair removal industry revenue at $598.1 million and projected to grow at an annualized rate of 4.3% over the 10 years to 2021.

The key to a successful waxing business is using the right products in conjunction with techniques learned thru proper training.  By following these tips, your business will grow as clients will get more areas waxed and tell their friends!

1. Education.

Having a thorough understanding of the correct products and the best techniques is imperative to delivering a superior waxing service. Eyebrows and Brazilians are the top two treatments requested.  They require some more advanced technique training, but it is not difficult at all to master, and become a waxing guru in your own right.  Technicians should also provide a skin consultation for new clients to determine the best wax and procedures to apply, and to recommend the appropriate after-care products. Hands-on waxing training, followed by practice, are the key to ensure professional confidence in providing the best expert waxing treatments and to keep your clients coming back for more!

2. Choose the right wax.

It is recommended to have both a strip wax and hard wax on hand.  Strip wax is excellent for the larger body areas and a hard wax is best for the more delicate and potentially sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and the bikini zone. Using superior quality waxes, together with the right pre and post waxing lotions during the treatment and the right waxing techniques, are at the heart of delivering superior waxing services. The waxes you use must be low-temperature, pliable and smooth, remove the shortest hairs as well as fine hairs.  It is important they contain skin-conditioning ingredients that protect, soothe and hydrate the skin while you wax, smell delicious and do not create skin redness or irritation.  Strip waxes should not leave a sticky residue behind on the skin.

3. Recommend after-care solutions.

Clients will appreciate being informed and supplied with products that make the waxing process easier and more comfortable. In particular, the waxing service that requires the most home care is Brazilians. Before performing the waxing service, explain to clients that the skin in the intimate area tends to be dry, preventing the hair from being cleanly removed from the root. Explain the solutions available to correct the issue and how after-care products will help them get a better result from waxing and allow them to stay smooth longer.

4. Provide eyebrow and lip services.

Adding a speedy eyebrow or lip wax to your service menu is an easy way to grow your business with waxing services. For example, you could have a waxing area at your makeup bar to allow for a quick eyebrow wax, especially for walk-ins. Eyebrow and lip areas use the least amount of wax per treatment and can be done quickly.  They are also easy as an add-on to other services a client may be having.

5. Don’t forget about men!

Male waxing continues to grow in popularity as men discover the benefits and comfort of being hair-free.  It is a good idea to list your male grooming services separately from other treatments so they feel more comfortable when booking an appointment.  It signifies that male services are the norm, not simply squeezed in. Chests and backs are the more popular waxing offerings for men.  Make sure you choose the right wax for strong and stubborn hair growth, which is still very gentle on the skin.  Your technicians need to be properly trained and use the right pre and post waxing lotions as men can be quite sensitive with their coarse and dense hair growth.

6. Offer membership pricing.

While facials and massages are viewed as luxury services, waxing is seen as a necessity you can’t do without. As clients start waxing and experience the long-term benefits, it quickly becomes a part of their beauty routine that easily fits into most budgets. Membership priced packages give you the profits up-front while providing your clients value for their money.  To increase sign-ups, highlight the cost-savings and extra membership perks on your website, in-store and on social media!

picture-1930-1450188368Article by Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of LYCON Cosmetics, is an internationally acclaimed beauty therapist. Founded in 1978, the LYCON brand is now distributed to over 65 countries and is known among its celebrity clientele as the best quality wax around the globe.

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