Tradeshow or Celebration?

Hi gals and pals, I have been on an esthetician high since the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference, Las Vegas, and The Face & Body Skin Care Show, San Jose. Attending a trade show as a spa professional versus working as a part of a vendor team, still gives me butterflies in the same way. I feel like I am going to a celebration or a party. Except at this party we get to learn and buy products. Do you remember those home parties that Scentsy would have, where all your favorite people would come over and you would sit around smelling wax scents and socializing? Trade shows give the same vibe, just at a much much more grand scale. Estheticians show up with their besties, get swag bags, go to fantastic classes, network with new people, sample products and find new vendors for whatever it is they are looking for, or maybe weren’t looking for at all. Honestly, what is more fun than that? 

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Working at a trade show is different, though I still feel so excited. I am not only attending the event but now participating as a resource. Meeting new people and talking about Alexander’s Aesthetics education, supplies and bragging about our out of this world customer support is really uplifting. Of course being on repeat can feel redundant (and you might lose your voice,  haha), but I know that I am helping estheticians, maybe not every single one of them that visits the booth, but even if it’s just a few, I celebrate that.

We aren’t sales representatives working the booth, so we don’t have to force sales. We simply offer our experience and guidance on how we can assist you to be a successful esthetician.  When you are successful and abundant, we celebrate that! 

Our industry isn’t the easiest, and I know from personal experience that it is easy to feel not enough as an esthetician. From keeping up with all the trends, having the best booking apps, social media, marketing, not offering every service known to man, product retailing, not having the most expensive equipment and some days just showing when it is mentally tough. So we MUST celebrate our success in the endeavors we do.

Alexander’s Aesthetics is here, rooting for you! Even if you fail, the fact you tried is a success, that type of bravery takes you places. Celebrate that!

We love hearing at the trade show the things you guys are doing, opening new spas, treatment rooms, celebrating your 30th year in business, or graduating school. It’s special for us to be a part of your experience, whatever that is. 

You may have noticed that we have a new look at the trade shows and a new way of doing business there. It allows us the opportunity to build new relationships and nourish our current business relationships. We celebrate that. 

Alexander’s Aesthetics strives to be… I was going to type, the best but I feel it’s more than that. We strive to be the most helpful, the most kind, and the type of distributor that cares. We celebrate your wins and help troubleshoot the bumps in the road to being an abundant esthetician. 

We can’t wait to hang out at the Oregon Esthetics Show and meet new friends, teach waxing techniques and celebrate our industry. See you soon!

A few quick highlights and FYIs 

  • Sunday, October 30, 2022, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT
  • Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
  • 8235 Northeast Airport Way Portland, OR 97220
  • Come by and sign up for the email list or account and receive a wax sample

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