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What is an Aroma Lamp? 

An aroma lamp is a way to release fragrance into the air without the flame of a candle, making it a safer alternative to use.  Simply plug this luminous lamp into any outlet, drop one soy square into the dish on top, and adjust the dimmer switch to release the amount of fragrance you would like to be emitted.

EcoScents was created to bring customers high quality candle products at an affordable price. Great fulfillment is found in delivering a product we can stand behind for many different reasons…

  • EcoScents supports the environment by using only 100% all natural ingredients
  • Our soy products burn cleaner, cooler, and more fragrantly than other waxes
  • All candles and soy squares are hand poured and great detail is taken to ensure a consistent candle
  • We help support the U.S. by buying products from American Farmers.  (Parrafin candle wax is most often imported from foreign countries.)


EcoScents Soy Squares and Aroma Lamps are a great alternative to burning a candle as they offer a flameless option.  Simply drop one soy square into the aroma lamp dish on the top of the lamp, adjust the dimmer switch to release your preferred amount of scent, and enjoy over 35 hours of fragrance. Soy squares come with 6 cubes in each pack, with over 35 scents to choose from.

EcoScents WAX

EcoScents soy wax is 100% all natural, pure and clean.  It is renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable.  It is free from any chemicals and burns longer than any other candle made.

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