10 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Keep Skin Healthy

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Keep Skin Healthy

Sometimes our clients need to be reminded how important healthy skin is and with the New Year here, millions of people have made resolutions. Make sure Healthy Skin is apart of 2020!  Resolutions are a way of saying, “I know I can do better.”  While many resolutions will be for quitting smoking or losing weight, remind your clients that their skin deserves attention too.

The following are some simple skin care resolutions to help keep your clients skin looking healthy all year round: 

  1. I will always use sunscreen, even when I don’t think I need it.  It’s easy to forget the sunscreen on cold, rainy days, but even then, dangerous UV rays can penetrate your skin and cause damage.   *look for sunscreens that are mineral based and contain zinc or titanium dioxide.  Our esthetician recommends Hale & Hush’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the perfect combination of sun, sensitivity and age defense. Natural Zinc Oxide provides chemical-free broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection at the surface while a specialized amino acid and algae blend provide UV protection at the cellular level.
  2.  I will take care of my skin from the inside.  When designing an optimal skincare routine it is important to consider that what happens on the inside is just as important as what we see on the outside. Treating the skin internally allows your true beauty to shine through, giving you the confidence that you are putting your best face forward.  Try Bend Beauty ingestible beauty.
  3. I will have my skin checked by a dermatologist once a year.  Skin cancer, when detected early is treatable and curable.  The best way to do this is to schedule an annual exam at the dermatologist.  Complete self-checks on a monthly basis and call the dermatologist to set up an appointment if you notice any changes in color or shape or if you notice new lesions or moles.
  4.  I will remove makeup at night, before I go to bed.  Leaving makeup on all night can trap in dirt.  Take the time each night to wash your face and remove all makeup.   Try our Double Cleanse Method *If you have trouble with this our esthetician recommends keeping disposable face wipes by your bed to remove makeup quickly and easily.
  5. I will exfoliate my skin on a regular basis.  Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells keeping your skin looking fresh and bright.  Be careful not to do it too often or you can irritate your skin.  *Our esthetician recommends exfoliating at home once or twice a week in between visits to your esthetician, to maintain healthy skin.  Try Skin Script’s Retinol Scrub with 2% Retinol or Doctor D. Schwabs’s Bamboo Cream Peel
  6. I will pay attention to my hands and feet.  You might take care of your face, applying moisturizer, anti-wrinkle cream and exfoliating, but you don’t want to forget to take care of your hands and feet.  Apply moisturizer to both areas and be sure to apply the sunscreen to your hands when outside.  Use gloves to keep your hands protected during the harsh winter weather.
  7.  I will keep moisturizers, lotions, makeup, etc. fresh.  If you are like most women, you have tubes and bottles of skin care products in your drawers that have been there for years.  You might want to use a marker to write the date you bought it so you can keep track and replace it before it gets too old and full of bacteria, and don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes.  Bacteria and oil can build up on your cosmetic brushes as well, leading to clogged pores and breakouts.  Using mild liquid dish soap and cold water, carefully wash out your brushes and rinse thoroughly.
  8.  I will drink more water.  Drinking water helps keep your skin moisturized, from the inside.   The Mayo Clinic recommends about 13 cups a day for an average male and about nine cups a day for the average female.
  9. I will take better care of myself physically.  Your physical health shows up on your skin.  Make sure to eat right and if you smoke, quit.  Also, get enough sleep.  Sleep is important not only to keep dark circles at bay, but it is also the time when your body is most metabolically active, ridding itself of toxins that would otherwise wreak havoc with your skin. Sleep also reduces stress…. So get some zZz’s.
  10. I will stop comparing myself to the beauty ads in magazines and on television.  Models have the benefit of makeup artists who can cover any blemish and make the old look young.  Remember, they don’t look that perfect in real life.   Accept your skin and your looks and be thankful.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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