Why Ingestible Beauty?

August 7, 2019 | Sarah Warren | Anti-Aging, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Health | Bend Beauty

When we nourish all the connections, something beautiful happens. 

A central component of the Bend Beauty brand is the concept of beauty from within. We are bending and shifting the ways in which we traditionally think about beauty and also how we embody it. Beauty and skincare regimens have historically been solely focused on what goes on the outside. We often treat the skin with topical products and treatments without giving much thought or attention to what’s going on inside our bodies. Ingestible beauty products take a different approach; focusing on the internal connections to affect what we see on the surface.

What are ingestibles anyway?

Ingestible beauty products are supplements (oils, capsules, powders, etc.) that are taken orally with the purpose of impacting the overall health of the skin. Sometimes referred to as nutraceuticals, these products are absorbed by the blood stream and carried by the blood vessels to the deepest layer of the skin: the dermis. This is what we often refer to as your “true skin”. What we see on the surface (the epidermis), is the thin outer layer of the skin that acts as a barrier and protection of what is below. This layer of the skin is constantly sloughing/exfoliating and turning over to reveal the skin beneath, therefore, it is essential that the new skin cells are healthy and nourished.

Ingestibles for your skin and whole-body wellness

Taking ingestible beauty products not only allows your skin to appear radiant and glowing, but it may also have additional benefits for overall health and wellness. In comparison to topical products, ingestible products are delivered systematically throughout the body. Systematic delivery allows products to enter into the body and become incorporated into the forming structure, ensuring the whole body and skin organ (head-to-toe) is receiving the benefits of the ingredients. For example, EPA & DHA (the components of omega-3 found in our Anti-Aging Formula) have shown to be beneficial for reducing inflammatory responses throughout all areas of the body, not just the skin. In fact, benefits of omega-3 oils have been widely documented as an important supplement for a variety of health concerns and conditions.

When designing an optimal skincare routine it is important to consider that what happens on the inside is just as important as what we see on the outside. We believe that treating the skin internally allows your true beauty to shine through, giving you the confidence that you are putting your best face forward. Click here to incorporate ingestibles into your beauty routine. 

A central component of the Bend Beauty brand is the concept of beauty from within.

Beauty and skincare regimens have historically been solely focused on what goes on the outside. We often treat the skin with topical products and treatments without giving much thought or attention to what’s going on inside our bodies.

The Bend Beauty line includes:

Anti-Aging Formula – this foundational product delivers six active and powerful ingredients that work synergistically to optimize your skin health. Build beautiful skin from the inside out.

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors – don’t just build collagen, build healthy collagen. The synergy of fish collagen peptides, silicon and whole food vitamin C help protect against skin aging while supporting hair and nail health.

Build: Helps in collagen formation
Support: Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
Protect: Source of an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals
Repair: Helps in wound healing

Call us at 800-367-2539 or email us at alexanders@thegrid.net for more information

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Improving Business Efficiencies to Grow the Bottom Line

Successful small business owners are constantly exploring ways to improve their business and increase their earnings. In order to run an efficient business and grow an overall profit, it is important to routinely analyze operations and brainstorm ways to improve your current systems. Focus should be on making your business more efficient, so that you can offer the best possible waxing service every time.

Understanding your overall business and how it operates is the first step in determining where and how you can improve your business. Here are some strategies to consider that will help determine what you can change in order to grow your bottom line.

Your employees are crucial to your success as a business. They are the first people clients see when they walk into your spa. They work in the trenches and have a great understanding of how the business operates day in and day out. As a result, the information and feedback they provide is important when analyzing your business. There are various approaches when asking for suggestions and feedback from your team. One method is to have your team complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire can be anonymous or open and would cover all aspects of the operations. It can be completed once a month or quarterly and will give your team an outlet to communicate to you. Keeping these types of questionnaires anonymous can prove more effective, as it relieves any negative pressure of being completely open and honest. An alternative option would be to hire an external consultant. This person should be an industry expert who will have the capacity and experience to analyze your current systems and provide recommendations to improve operations. Although hiring a consultant is an investment, the benefits of increasing your business efficiencies should far outweigh the cost of the consultant’s fee. However, before deciding to go down this path, do your research and truly understand how your business will benefit.

Time is money. Your time is a very valuable resource and you should consider how to make the most of it. Consider outsourcing the projects that are not within your scope or focus. This will save time, so that your time can then be spent on what you do well and what your business needs to grow. Automating the tasks that you can will not only help you to save time, but will reduce, if not eliminate, human error – building a strong foundation for your business to grow.

Tasks that can easily be automated would include sending pay stubs to employees or reminder e-mails to clients. There are many technologies available to help with the automation and engaging with an expert who can advise what would work best can be beneficial. As waxing is a specialized service, it is important to be aware of the balance between automation and staying engaged with a client. Client loyalty is built through a personal relationship with your client, so ensuring you remain connected with them is important. Try not to lose sight of the personal touches.

It can be challenging to truly understand the return on your investment when it comes to marketing. Taking the time to know who your target demographic is and how you can effectively reach them will streamline marketing and provide the most impact per dollar spent. Include a code with promotions that clients must reference in order to redeem so that at the end of the promotion you can see the results. Routinely performing an overall analysis on your client database to break out key demographics, most popular services, and products sold will help develop effective marketing campaigns and focus the budget effectively.

Once you have performed an analysis, gained an understanding of areas you can improve in, and implemented new systems, it is important to define the level of improvement you are hoping to attain. This will allow you to understand whether the changes you have made have had any impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of your business. It will also give you and your team a goal to work towards.

Focus on making small changes in your business, as these will often have the most impact on overall performance. Understanding the ins and outs of your business will allow you to make educated decisions on how you can improve operations and grow your bottom line. Remember to focus on efficiency, but don’t let it take away from the primary goal of operating a successful business and providing the best possible services every time.

Lindsay Miller is the president of LYCON Wax North America. Having first discovered LYCON Wax in the United Kingdom 10 years ago, she has dedicated her time to growing the brand across North America, including introducing LYCON to Canada. Training and product quality are extremely important to Miller and she prides herself on building a strong team around her that can offer the best customer experience possible. LYCON continues to be a market leader in hair removal wax and is used in top spas and salons around the world.

Miller, Lindsay. “Improving Business Efficiencies to Grow the Bottom Line.” DERMASCOPE Magazine, https://www.dermascope.com/business/11219-improving-business-efficiencies-to-grow-the-bottom-line.

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Hale & Hush Unicorn Tears Eye Treatment featured by Lipgloss + Aftershave

Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum aka Unicorn Tears

Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum aka Unicorn Tears

Ok, Hale & Hush has become the breakout cult product line for 2019. It won 3 Lipgloss + Aftershave Fav Awards this year and has become the go-to companion line because it’s a sensitive skin line that works well with virtually every other brand. Loved by so many, the brand’s key products are even earning nicknames. Their Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum, an antioxidant eye treatment product that is full of liquid crystals has been dubbed Unicorn Tears because of its pink, rainbow colored shimmery appearance.

Unique Ingredients Make Unicorn Tears So Effective
The Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum has gained such notoriety because of the superior ingredient technology. Rather than focus on plumping the skin with traditional ingredients, it enhances lipid levels and barrier function by replenishing cholesterol. Brilliant Eye & Lip also includes a highly effective antioxidant that provides superior cellular protection for mitochondria and DNA.

What are the liquid crystals in Unicorn Tears?
Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum
CHOLESTERYL NONANOATE, CHOLESTERYL OLEYL, CHOLESTERYL STEARATE: A liquid crystal fluid comprised of “cholesteryl”, which is the form of cholesterol for cellular storage. Cholesterol is an essential component of cell structure, communication and biochemistry. Topical liquid crystal enhances skin’s lipid levels, barrier function, softness and flexibility.

What is the antioxidant in Unicorn Tears?
PHENYL T-BUTYLNITRONE (SPIN TRAP): Phenyl t-Butylnitrone (PBN) is an intelligent and powerful antioxidant compound known as a “Spin Trap” because of how it targets and traps free radicals to convert them to stable molecules that are no longer destructive for removal by the body or for reuse in various cellular processes. PBN is particularly effective against the aggressive hydroxyl and superoxide radicals to provide superior protection for mitochondria and DNA, which are especially susceptible to those two radicals.

The Protocol for Unicorn Tears
Combining LED and negative ionic technology from MYSKINBUDDY with the superior ingredient technology in Hale & Hush’s Brilliant Eye and Lip Treatment makes the perfect liquid crystal and antioxidant eye treatment that can be added on to any facial. The beauty of the Unicorn Tears treatment is that because Hale & Hush and MYSKINBUDDY are so gentle, this treatment is for virtually everyone.

by Jenni Nagle, Beauty Industry Blogger
As seen on lipglossandaftershave.com September 18, 2019

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Check out our favorite Fall Pumpkin products!

Fall is in the air, and that can only mean one thing…Pumpkin!   There are lots of creative ways to work pumpkin into your fall seasonal treatments. 

Ready to get into the fall spirit and see some brilliant benefits?

Give these pumpkin-packed skincare products a try:

  • Doctor D Schwab Pumpkin Enzyme – A protolytic enzyme exfoliator with pure, natural Pumpkin Purée, Pumpkin Seed Extract, and Pumpkin Enzyme Ferment. Cinnamon and Clove Oil add to the micro-peeling effect. It re-texturizes skin while also hydrating. Corrects hyper-pigmentation for a more even-looking skin tone. Active ingredients are encapsulated into our advanced Alphasomes® skin care technology to carry the ingredients to the target area, providing maximum results.
  • Martinni’s Pumpkin Enzyme Collagen Mask – a gentle yet effective enzyme collagen mask treatment that visibly evens skin tone, refines texture, reduces hyper-pigmentation, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin Script’s Pumpkin-Orange Enzyme – Packed with Vitamins A and C, this enzyme will exfoliate and reduce oil while your client enjoys the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange. A 15% pumpkin concentration, it dissolves dead skin while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin.
  • Skin Script’s Pumpkin Spice Facial –
  • Pumpkin Orange Enzyme & Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask
    • Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing….Pumpkin! This spicy mask will nourish the skin with antioxidants as it’s packed with Vitamins A and C. This 15% Pumpkin-Orange enzyme will exfoliate and reduce oil while your client enjoys the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange.
  • Skin Script’s Pumpkin Latte Facial – 
  • Pumpkin Orange Enzyme & Goji Berry Yogurt Mask
    • Packed with Vitamins A and C, our 15% Pumpkin-Orange enzyme will exfoliate and reduce oil while your client enjoys the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange. By blending equal parts of Pumpkin Orange Enzyme and Goji Berry Yogurt Mask, your spicy yet creamy “Pumpkin Latte” mixture will dissolve dead skin cells and nourish the skin.
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Alexanders Fall Favorites: Serums


Drier weather = drier skin.  Fight fall dryness with one of Doctor Schwab 24-hour moisture-release serums!  Apply before your moisturizer to boost skin’s hydration during the fall and winter.

ginkgosome_71. G.S. Ginkgosome® is a highly concentrated, 24 hour time-release serum with grape stem cell extract and natural antioxidant protection that balances and maintains moisture levels, keeping skin refreshed and energized all day and night.  It provides immediate, visible improvements in skin tone, texture, firmness and vitality and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

alphasomes_brightening22. Flawless Skin Brightening Serum is a light and highly concentrated serum to help re-balance uneven skin tone.  Powerful peptides, natural ingredients, and grape stem cell extract give your skin a needed boost to improve radiance and clarity, for a brighter, flawless complexion. Organic botanicals, extracted with the latest CO2 technology, assure effectiveness and purity without chemical additives.

alphasomes_sensitive_33. Sensitive Skin Serum is a light and highly concentrated serum to help diminish the appearance of redness and sensitivity of the skin. Natural botanicals, combined with powerful peptides and grape stem cell extract soothe and hydrate the skin. Organic botanicals, extracted with the latest CO2 technology, assure effectiveness and purity without chemical additives.

For more information call us at 800-367-2539

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