Cirepil Think Pink collection!

Cirepil Think Pink collection!

Smooth, creamy textured waxes allow for an easy, efficient wax application.

Cirepil Escential Rose  Hard Wax is a creamy textured, non-strip wax with a gentle rose scent.  This beautiful soft-white creamy formula is an excellent choice for use on all areas of the body, including coarse, short hair and sensitive facial waxing.

Cirepil Eurose Stripless Hard Wax is a creamy textured, non-strip wax ideal for all hair and skin types. The addition of Titanium Dioxide and Coconut Oil makes it particularly suitable for dry and more sensitive skin types and great for use on face, underarms, neck, bikini, and Brazilian services.

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new Charcoal Mask with Tea Tree Oil

Doctor D. Schwab’s

Activated Bamboo charcoal and pure clay cleanse pores and reveal fresh and illuminated skin for a bright, dewy complexion.  Tea Tree Oil keeps skin healthy and balanced. This super-charged Clay Mask uses the power of activated charcoal and pure clay to detoxify, cleanse and revitalize dull, blemished and tired-looking skin.  Potent clay and charcoal act like magnets to draw out impurities, while Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary re-balance the skin, for a brighter, blemish-free complexion with a healthy glow.  Antioxidants such as Olive and Green Tea Extracts give the skin an extra boost to combat free radicals.  After use, your skin will feel clean, fresh and radiant, with a dewy glow. Continue reading

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Make Everyday Earth Day

Here are simple and easy tips to help you go green, protect the earth, save money and make every day Earth Day. You can make a difference! Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day from Alexander’s Aesthetics!

Alexander’s is proud to offer botanical, nature-derived products with the highest effectiveness and purity.


Doctor D. Schwab’s green philosophy is at the core of every action they take.  They believe that being green is a lifestyle supported through their actions.  Doctor D. Schwab extends this philosophy to products, packaging, production and office.

Doctor D. Schwab products are safe, natural, and pure.  Many of the herbal ingredients are extracted using the latest CO2 technology, a gentle and eco-friendly way to extract substances such as antioxidants, essential oils, and fatty acids from plant material.  This results in botanical extracts that are of the highest effectiveness and purity without chemical additives or solvent residues.

To support a healthy body and healthy earth, Doctor D. Schwab uses organic ingredients whenever possible.  Organic ingredients are grown without synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, fertilizers or other synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum.

Not only are Doctor D. Schwab products healthy and effective because of what they include, they are also healthy because of what they don’t include.  In the past few years, we have gone completely paraben-free with our products.

Ingredients and products are not tested on animals or made with animal by-products (with the exception of natural bees wax and royal jelly); they prefer an environment of harmonious balance that supports nature’s well-being.

Click here to learn more about Doctor D. Schwab

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Alexander’s invites you to attend Face & Body at a discounted rate

Alexander’s invites you to attend the Face & Body Expo at a discounted rate!

This invitation is valid for discounted admission to the Face & Body Expo on Sunday, August 26 and/or Monday, August 27.  Admission includes full access to the expo hall and supplier classes.

Register online at
When asked for a promo code, enter:  1271
Online before August 1 tickets are $15 (regular price $25)
On-site tickets are $35 (regular price $45)

Don’t forget to visit us at Booth 917 for Tradeshow Specials!

FREE Show Classes


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