Peel Prep!

Estheticians are well prepared, organized and business minded folks…right? Haha. I’d like to say we all are but sometimes, like any professional. We might miss a few extra things that can make us successful. Retail and education being two main things. 

Imagine going in for, let’s say, a dermaplaning service, asking your spa professional to explain the treatment, and they are unable to explain why they are doing a dermaplane or how the skin might react to it. We would instantly lose trust in them. As the professionals in the treatment room we need to be able to thoroughly explain why we are doing certain services and recommend particular homecare products.

Retail and education go hand in hand when it comes to our client. Estheticians need essential education so we know what the heck we are talking about when we educate our clients about homecare or services. This blog will be directly focused around chemical peels, how to prepare your clients for the service and how to retail homecare.

Setting our client up for success.

After you have done a complete consultation, and decided your client is a candidate for the peel, it’s time to start the process of home prepping. Two weeks prior to the chemical peel treatment, start your client on a routine for home, consisting of a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and SPF. The skin will do best with the peel if it has the correct water acid (pH) and a healthy acid mantle. This allows for better penetration and tolerance of the chemical exfoliant into the skin.  Clients should stop all exfoliation, acids and acne treatment 1 week prior to the service. Facial waxing should be stopped 2 weeks prior to service. Tell your client to keep hydrated. 

Post care is equally important. The goal is to support the skin’s healing and assist with the cellular turnover rate. I tend to sell these products with the consultation for the service so my client has everything at home. Stress the importance of doing their homecare twice daily and using SPF in the morning. Avoiding heavy sweating, exfoliation, picking at the skin, and products with high amounts of retinol for 10 days – 2 weeks will help the skin heal quickly.

Retail bby, retail. 

I struggled retailing products or feeling like a product pusher for years and still sometimes do. Having an online store has helped with that, also reminding myself, estheticians aren’t just selling just to sell, we are selling to help and promote success with client skin goals. If you can explain the product to your client they are more likely to buy it because you can explain why they need it as part of their homecare.

Check out my favs 

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Educate yo’self. 

There are many resources out there to keep you on your game but we have a few helpful classes coming up and resources available to you.

Chemical Peels – YouTube

September 19, 2022: Online Paid Training: Minding Your Microbiome

October 17, 2022:  In-Person Paid Training: Treating Acne with BiON

November 7, 2022:  In-Person Paid Training: Skin Script Chemical Peel Product Knowledge 

Read our blog on chemical peels. 

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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Let us take a moment to (re)introduce ourselves


As the great Pitbull once said, “Let me introduce you to my party people in the club.” 

I want to spend this blog chatting about something Alexander’s Aesthetics has been pouring our hearts, time and efforts into, our rebrand and new website. 

Change is one of the most difficult things to embrace, especially when it comes to family, tradition and business. In 1980, Alexander’s Aesthetics was founded by Alexander Desy. When he passed 7 years later, his successor was his mother, Margaret, who ran the company for 12 years. In 1999, Margaret’s cousins, Cee and Pat, took over the company. They still own and operate this 100% family-owned business. Their daughter Wendi, now owns and operates the Colorado location.

Our look hasn’t changed since the blossoming of the company, although we as a company continue to grow and evolve as the years have passed.

Alexander’s Aesthetics has stayed consistent with the trends and changes in the esthetic community, but our look and vibe was not reflecting that. In the past few years the company decided to change our branding to reflect that growth and evolution. Our mission to provide the professional aesthetician with superior supplies, customer service, and essential education remains the same, but with a facelift. 

New Site Benefits 

  • Website will be the same for both locations
  • Resource Center to access product knowledge and treatment protocols
  • Online Education Center to access new and past classes
  • New features in the MY ACCOUNT section; ability to save important resources into your account, pull up past orders, easy reorder process
  • Upgraded to meet current standards
  • Contains latest hi-tech features
  • Suggestions for complimentary products
  • New search filters by category or brand
  • and most importantly the ease of use for our clients

Important reminders:

  • Website will be closed to online orders August 8th and 9th!
  • Usernames and passwords will remain the same
  • Orders history from the last 2 years will be available on our new site for those clients with online accounts
  • Security features remain the same

Hexapeptide-8 effect 

Okay estheticians, can you tell me what this ingredient is known as? 

Alright, I’ll tell ya. It’s considered the botox ingredient. What it does is relaxes muscle contractions, so wrinkles and fine lines smoothe out. It does not change the person or the genetic make-up completely. This is how I have thought of our rebranding. We are soothing  out the wrinkles and overall kinks of our website and look, without changing who we are at the core.

Now for the party people, that Pitbull promised.

We’re pretty cool, I can promise you that.

Since we are introducing the new website, the outer face of the company, I want to introduce the inner workings or workers or the company, the employees! 

I honestly can say when I come to work, I am so excited to see what the day is going to bring. I love my job, I always say I have the esthetician dream job. I get to talk about aesthetics  allllllllll day. Whether it’s education, products, new trends or just getting to know the spa professionals that come into the shop, I love watching the company change and flourish. I know I am just an employee but I love the company and aspire to be a contribution to its success in the endeavors we undergo. I value the confidence and internal growth I have had since working here. I can’t thank my teammates and boss enough for that, because they believe in me as much as I believe in them. 

I wanted to see what the rest of the crew felt was their favorite part of their work day and what they learned that they value the most. Honestly I absolutely loved reading these responses. 

  • Seeing the amount of orders we get knowing they are going to someone who values us and appreciates our business as much as we appreciate them purchasing from us! 

Having the opportunity to continuously learn new things about the company and products while being surrounded by great people.

-Caitlynn, CO

  • My favorite part of the work day is when I get to talk with our clients! 

I have learned that I value good communication and trust between us and our customers. It’s important that everyone has what they need when they need it. We are transparent about our cost, stock, and quality of everything we carry in the shop. Most people don’t do that!

-Tori ,CO

  • Talking with the team

The ability to be transparent and be myself –  it is a safe environment.

-Amy, CA & CO

  • My favorite part of the day is talking with our clients and getting to know a little about them.

What I have learned and value the most is that AA offers some of the very best products in the industry and that hard work and great customer service makes my day.

-Cee, CA

  •  My favorite part of my work day is setting up my day first thing in the morning. I make coffee, print internet orders, balance/reconcile from the previous day, etc. Organizing and setting up my desk makes me excited for the day!

What I value most working for AA is the family/co-worker relationships I’ve built. Working for a Mom/Daughter company makes me WANT to succeed and help their business grow. When I see Wendi & Cee working hard, it makes me want to make them proud just like I would my own family.

-Marni, CA

  • I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and I believe in the products they sell. I use them every day!  I love being able to still use my esthetics skills behind the scenes. I also have always loved the people and dynamic here and am very happy to be a part of this wonderful team.

-Elise, CA

  •  I don’t work in the office, but I love that we are a team. In order to teach for Alexanders, it takes the support from everyone in the office to ensure I can complete my job successfully.  

Having the opportunity to go into spas/schools has allowed me to continue to learn more about techniques and products. I think I get to learn just as much from those I’m teaching.  

-Tiffany, CA

  •  At the end of the day, when we review the orders that have been shipped to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  It is so fulfilling knowing that we are meeting our goals to ship the same day and that our packages are on their way to our customers.

I have learned from my Mom and Dad, when I opened the shop, the value of building and maintaining good relationships with everyone that we interact with (co-workers, customers, vendors, UPS drivers, neighbors, etc).  Also, my Dad taught me early on that there is enough business to go around for everyone and no need to worry about competition. Just do what we say we are going to do and the rest will fall into place.

-Wendi, CO

We love our clients and we wanted to present the most efficient version of Alexander’s Aesthetics online as possible for you guys! We hope you like it as much as we do.

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San Jose 2022

Hi sweet friends, we had a blast in Las Vegas at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference. Meeting new estheticians and spa professionals was so fun for all of us who worked the show.  One of our favorite trade shows is coming up, The Face & Body Skin Care Show. This trade show is special to us because we not only get to meet new clients but we love seeing our existing clients so much!  We are counting down the days to hang out August 21-22 at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California.  

This time away from trade shows has allowed us to reinvent our presence so we can better serve you as your distributor.  We are so excited to show you our new look and some new exciting offerings.

A few quick highlights and FYIs 

  • Our booth is #831
  • Come by and sign up for the email list or account and receive a wax sample
  • Use code: AA831 it gives our clients $15 off Expo Hall registration. The code can be used on early-bird, regular and onsite rates.


Estheticians asked and boy, did Alexander’s Aesthetics understand the assignment.

Our team of on-staff estheticians spent so much time putting together our new Wax Collections, which range from different budgets and products based on your needs. The Wax Collections will be featured at The Skin & Body Show. Whether you love Cirepil, Lycon or Italwax we have an option for you or your spa and can show you your return on investment including time saving by purchasing your supplies through us.

Register Here

Trinnie Maldonado, esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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Suns out, buns out

Hello friends, I hope July is treating you well.  Most of us experience this month as the warmest/sunniest month of the year. 

With that being said, estheticians are here for the win when it comes to sun protection and skin health for our clients. This blog will be short, sweet and a little all over the place (kind of like me ;), with different thoughts and ideas on how we retail products and provide fun summer services that keep our clients safe from the rays and get their skin ready to flaunt. 

A few quick ideas 

  • Booty facials 
  • Back facials 
  • Ingrown treatments
  • Retail exfoliant products
  • Of course SPF, I’ll tell you my favorite picks later

Did someone say booty facial?

YES! You read that correctly. Have you been to the beach or any body of water for that fact lately? Thong bikinis are the dang deal right now. I honestly am living for it, the confidence, body positivity and cute suits, absolutely love! But what’s even better, new job security for estheticians. I can’t tell you how many booty treatments/services I did last summer. And esty’s, this service is easy, effective and your clients will love the results. Same for back treatments. 

I said this was a short blog, but there will be booty facial protocol included here and Alexander’s Aesthetics in Colorado will be offering an in-person Back Treatment Technique course in September. 

Retail bby, retail. 

Passive income is the absolute game changer. 

I struggled retailing products or feeling like a product pusher for years and still sometimes do. Having an online store has helped with that, also reminding myself, estheticians aren’t just selling just to sell, we are selling to help. Sun protection is so vital to every single human, yet so many people wear zero SPF. We have a chance to educate about SPFand the effects the sun has on our skin, making it easier to present to our client for a sale. 

Check out my favs 

There are so many other great products. Check them out here.

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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Beautiful in Your Skin Month

  Beautiful in Your Skin Month

Hi Dolls, this is an interesting blog/topic to write about. June is Beautiful in Your Skin month. I thought it would be fun to ask our staff about how they feel beautiful in their skin and products that they use in the process of enhancing their beauty. I feel like this blog highlighted an interesting finding. As I asked our team how they felt beautiful in their skin, it became more apparent how difficult it is to answer.  Why is it so hard to acknowledge and say out loud what we find beautiful about ourselves?  Even I, myself, struggled and that’s weird for a Leo (big heads, normally).  Answers came rolling in more about the products that the team is using instead of qualities about themselves, interesting right? 

I think collectively as a society, humans struggle to see the beauty we as individuals hold. As answers were emailed back to me I thought a few times, I wondered why they didn’t say this or that. I even told my boss lady Wendi, owner of the CO office, that she should have mentioned her amazing curly, gray hair. I think her original answer was selfcare, healthy eating and exercising. Aging gracefully was her final answer! If I was Wendi I would have said my cool hair and smile.  Cee, the owner of the CA office, said, “I love CA Botana G.S. Ginkgosome keeps my skin hydrated up to 12 hours BEAUTIFUL.” I instantly thought, “but what about your smile?”. More answers came in similar to this.  There is nothing wrong with the responses but it seemed interesting how hesitant we all were about acknowledging something special about ourselves. 

Answers from the team. 

  •  Scott : Verbally said at first he didn’t know, but I prompted how he likes to sunbathe (with SPF) and being tan makes him feel beautiful. 
  • Tiffany: “I love using the Cucumber Toner all day long to keep my skin plump and hydrated so it glows”
  • Amy: “Clean face and floating in her pool.” 
  • Cee: I love CA Botana G.S.Ginkgosome keeps my skin hydrated for up to 12 hours BEAUTIFUL.” 

What answers would I have preferred? 

Well, I wanted to obviously control all the answers (once again, #Leo) because it’s incredibly easy for me to answer what is beautiful about other people. 

If I was Wendi, I would have said I am beautiful because I listen and consider everyone’s thoughts and ideas allowing others to feel seen, I have cool hair and a great smile. If I was Cee, I would have said I have the cutest smile, I compliment others, and make sure I always do a good job; and that’s beautiful about me. If I was Scott, I would say I like my blue eyes and my ability to remember names, oh and that I like a nice tan.  If I was Tiffany, I would have said my hair and coloring it with vibrant colors and also how well I teach. I could say all these things about others but I found I struggled too. I even thought maybe I should draft a spider web brainstorming page………. WHAT!  First off, do you guys and gals remember those? Anywhoo, I felt how hard it is to say something about myself without feeling “full of it”. 

How do we change the narrative of how we view our beauty?

If you figure it out, can you tell me? 

Because I’m pretty far into this blog and still having an issue typing out what makes me feel beautiful.  Skincare and all things esthetics is obviously a huge part of my life as an aesthetician and an esthetic educator, but it’s hard to talk about products here, because at core essence with or without products we have so much beauty to give. 

What do we consider beautiful in general? We all know the generic answers but we don’t have enough space for them here. So I’ll give you what I’ve thought while writing this. Maybe we feel beautiful when we do something that makes us feel proud, or when we are brave. Do we feel beautiful when we listen fully to others, volunteer with organizations we love, or help our friends when they move? What about when our hair is literally slaying the game, our skin is freaking flawless because we put in the homecare dedication, or our nails have the most boujee artwork?  How about when we say sorry for mistakes we make and take the correct actions to fix things? I think beauty is all of these things. All of the small parts of us, the parts we need to acknowledge, you know the special thing, no matter how small. 

This may be the most cliché thing I’ve ever jotted down but I love this quote I read on Facebook.

“Butterflies can’t see their wings, they can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

Trinnie Maldonado, Esthetician educator & marketing assistant, 2022

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