Skin Script’s Raspberry Refining Scrub & Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum now available!


Refine & Renew Duo

  • Raspberry Refining Scrub, with Jojoba Beads and Blue Corn Meal
  • Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum, with Aloe and Olive

Raspberry Refining Scrub polishes and energizes the skin with the antioxidants raspberry and marionberry which will brighten skin and provide anti-inflammatory-like benefits to soothe skin irritations.  Jojoba beads and blue corn meal gently exfoliate to remove surface build-up provides physical exfoliation while exfoliating and lightening ingredients work in tandem to promote a clear, healthy skin tone.  Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum provides mild exfoliation serum for sensitive skin.  Beta-carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A; papain is an enzyme derived from papayas.  May be used on pregnant or lactating women.

Raspberry Refining Scrub Benefits:

  • Polishes and Refines the Skin
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lightens Discolorations
  • Safe for Eczema and Psoriasis

Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum Benefits:

    • Improves Skin Barrier Integrity by Balancing Surface Lipids
    • Exfoliates to Reduce Visible Wrinkles
    • Anti-inflammatory

To order, please call 800-367-2539

Recommended for all skin types for mild exfoliation.  Safe for use on pregnant or lactating women.

Directions for use:  For nightly use.  Massage Raspberry Refining Scrub onto the face, neck and chest for 2-3 minutes, avoiding eye contact. Rinse thoroughly and follow with Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum applied to the face, neck and chest.

Raspberry Refining Scrub Active Ingredients:

      • Raspberry: contains high levels of polyphenol antioxidant ellagic acid, soothes skin irritations, astringent, reduces inflammation.
      • Rubus Fruticosus (Marionberry) Fruit: is a potent antioxidant.
      • Jojoba Beads: provide the physical exfoliation component of the product, gently buffs away dead surface debris. This process also leaves behind jojoba esters which is a moisture retaining component of natural skin sebum.
      • Bamboo Stem Extract: soothes the skin and is a mild exfoliator.
      • Zea Mays (Blue Corn) Kernel Meal: provides mild physical exfoliation

Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum Active Ingredients:

      • Olivem® (Cetearyl Olivate, and Sorbitan Olivate): is a combination of fatty acids that is able to both restore and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.
      • Beta-Carotene (d): is an orange pigment found in many plants; it is an antioxidant; it is a precursor to Vitamin A.
      • Papain: is an enzyme derived from papayas; it digests keratin proteins to help accelerate exfoliation. It is an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory.
      • Rosmarinyl Glucoside: soothes inflammation and prevents degradation of ECM.
      • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: provides pain relieving properties to reduce discomfort associated with acne, heals, provides hydration and UV absorption protection, reduces redness.
      • Allantoin: improves moisture retention, soothes and normalizes the skin, stimulates tissue growth, reduces inflammation.

Refine & Renew Duo is also available individually.

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Discounted Tickets to the Face & Body Expo in San Jose, CA

F & B Tickets 2


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Skin Script FAQ


This section contains many frequently asked questions on Skin Script products.
Have a question that isn’t answered here?  Call us at 800-367-2539
Information provided by Skin Script RX

Do you test the products on animals?

  • No, ingredients and products are only tested on humans.

Do you use any ingredients derived from animals?

  • No.

Which products are safe for pregnant women or lactating mothers?

  • Pomegranate Cleanser
  • Green Tea Citrus Cleanser
  • Cucumber Toner
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers
  • Sheer Protection SPF 30
  • Coconut/Papaya Enzyme
  • Raspberry/Peach Enzyme
  • All masks

Which products are safe for Retin-A or Accutane users?

  • Pomegranate Cleanser
  • Green Tea Citrus Cleanser
  • Cucumber Toner
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers
  • Sheer Protection SPF 30
  • Coconut/Papaya Enzyme
  • Raspberry/Peach Enzyme
  • All masks

What are the contraindications to chemical peels or enzymes with acids?

  • Pregnant Women
  • Lactating Mothers
  • Retin-A users must stop using Retin-A at least 1 week prior to treatments with acids
  • Accutane users must stop using Accutane at least 6 months prior to treatments with acids
  • Clients with sun exposure

What skin types are each enzyme/mask designed for?

  • Coconut/Papaya enzyme is for sensitive skin, rosacea skin
  • Raspberry/Peach enzyme is for sensitive skin, rosacea skin
  • Lemon Zest enzyme is for normal to dry skin with pigmentation issues; mild acne
  • Pomegranate enzyme is for normal to oily skin with pigmentation issues; mild acne
  • Blueberry enzyme is for normal/combination skin; mild acne
  • Pumpkin/Orange enzyme is for resilient skin
  • Strawberry Spearmint mask is for normal to oily skin
  • Goji Berry Yogurt mask is for normal to dry skin
  • Seaweed mask is for all skin types

What products are safe for vegan use?

  • Pomegranate Cleanser
  • Raspberry Refining Cleanser (Blemish Control Cleanser)
  • Glycolic & Retinol Pads
  • Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub
  • Blemish Control Toner Pads
  • Cucumber Hydration Toner
  • Peptide Eye Serum
  • Light Aloe Moisturizer
  • Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer
  • Sheer Protection SPF 30
  • Raspberry/Peach Enzyme
  • Seaweed Mask
  • 30% Glycolic Peel
  • 10% TCA Peel

Which products contain nuts?

  • Almond Oil- Hydrating Moisturizer
  • Cranberry Sugar Cane Enzyme (seasonal enzyme)
  • Orangeberry Enzyme (seasonal enzyme)
  • Sheer Protection SPF

Which products contain gluten?

  • Pomegranate Cleanser
  • Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer
  • Peptide Eye Serum
  • 10% TCA Peel

Which products contain soy?

  • Cranberry Turnover Peel
  • Strawberry Spearmint Mask
  • Acai Berry Moisturizer
  • Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer
  • Hydrating Moisturizer
  • Peptide Eye Serum
  • Tri-Peptide Eye Cream
  • Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum
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Founder & CEO of Lycon Wax at Alexander’s Aesthetics

Alexander’s Aesthetics presents
The Founder & CEO of Lycon Wax

Come and see Lydia Jordane, internationally acclaimed beauty therapist and creator of Lycon Wax, in action at Alexander’s Aesthetics Inc!  She will be sharing her Lycon Brazilian waxing techniques and many more tips.

Lydia - Spa Trends

Date:  Monday, June 15th
Time: 10 am – 12pm
Registration Fee:  $25.00 non-refundable fee
Alexander’s Aesthetics 1675 Rollins Rd, Suite D, Burlingame, CA 94010

This event will likely SELL OUT!
Call 800-367-2539 to register

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Happy Earth Day from Alexander’s Aesthetics!

Alexander’s is proud to offer botanical, nature-derived products with the highest effectiveness and purity.


Doctor D. Schwab’s green philosophy is at the core of every action they take.  They believe that being green is a lifestyle supported through their actions.  Doctor D. Schwab extends this philosophy to products, packaging, production and office.

Doctor D. Schwab products are safe, natural, and pure.  Many of the herbal ingredients are extracted using the latest CO2 technology, a gentle and eco-friendly way to extract substances such as antioxidants, essential oils, and fatty acids from plant material.  This results in botanical extracts that are of the highest effectiveness and purity without chemical additives or solvent residues.

To support a healthy body and healthy earth, Doctor D. Schwab uses organic ingredients whenever possible.  Organic ingredients are grown without synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, fertilizers or other synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum.

Not only are Doctor D. Schwab products healthy and effective because of what they include, they are also healthy because of what they don’t include.  In the past few years, we have gone completely paraben-free with our products.

Ingredients and products are not tested on animals or made with animal by-products (with the exception of natural bees wax and royal jelly); they prefer an environment of harmonious balance that supports nature’s well-being.

Click here to learn more about Doctor D. Schwab

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