Cirépil bead wax is now available in new, easy-to-use packaging.

Cirépil bead wax is now available in new, easy-to-use packaging.  The color-coded, easy pour packages stand up on their own and are resealable.

Click here to start shopping

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Skin Inc: Show Eczema What’s Up by Kris Campbell

Over 30 million people have some form of eczema,1 and skin care professionals are seeing more of this in the treatment room.  In many, eczema started in childhood and dissipated by adulthood; however, adults that never had it as a child are presenting the condition in growing quantities.  Since skin care professionals do not want to “do harm” in the treatment room or provide the wrong home care, we need to look at safe treatments, ingredients and ways to work with medical professionals when necessary to achieve the optimum results.

Eczema really never goes away; however, the symptoms can be managed.

Recognizing Symptoms


If an esthetician recognizes signs and symptoms of eczema (see Common Symptoms of Eczema, they should refer the client to a physician to make a final decision. Even if you are sure a client has eczema, it is best to send them for diagnosis first.

Atopic dermatitis is another name we may possibly use when speaking of eczema. When the eczema symptoms are present, the itching sensation can range from mild to severe. There can also be a cycle of itching called the “itch-scratch cycle,” where the itching goes from mild to severe scratching of the area until it bleeds. Continue reading

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new class: presented by ColoreMePerfect Cosmetics – Color Pro Color Analysis Workshop

Color Studio Workshops are created for makeup artists, spas and salons.  This creative, collaborative, hands-on studio experience is designed to teach, inspire and equip you with the tips and techniques to make you a color pro.   All workshops are led by a team of certified color experts.


About the Instructor:  Jaclyn Peresetsky, owner of Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, ColoreMePerfect Cosmetics and Skin Perfect Skin Care Line, was born with a makeup brush in her hand.
Ever since she can remember, Jaclyn has been captivated by makeup, skin care, color and all things beautiful. Her interests led her to receiving specialized education at the Columbus College of Art & Design where she studied color theory and portrait artistry. Jaclyn married her expertise in color theory with her interest in skin care and cosmetics by studying with the best plastic surgeons and skin care therapists at the Ohio State University. Prior to opening her first spa, Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, she worked as an Esthetician for some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the mid-west. She is known as the go-to-expert in the greater Columbus area for custom blend makeup, color analysis, permanent makeup and customized skin care regimens, having served many of the same skin-glistening clients for nearly a decade.
In 2011, Jaclyn launched ColoreMePerfect Cosmetics, a cosmetic line based on a woman’s color code. In 2012, Jaclyn launched her skin care line called Skin Perfect. Also in 2012, Jaclyn launched a program where she certifies image consultants in her proprietary color analysis process.

Workshop Dates:  Tuesday, August 29, Wednesday August 30 & Thursday, August 31

Class Location:  Alexander’s Aesthetics Education Center – 1675 Rollins Rd, Suite D, Burlingame, CA 94010

To Sign Up:  Call Alyssa at 239-571-4815  or Email

For more information visit:

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Back by Popular Demand: Intro to Lymphatic Massage for Face & Neck


Monday, August 14, 2017 – 10 am – 4 pm
Hands-on Workshop – limited seating available

Lymphatic drainage massage is a highly effective technique suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is especially effective for inflamed, congested and irritated skins. Adding this technique to your repertoire of skills will enable you to better serve all of your clients needs.

This one day class is totally devoted to hands on practice of the intricate technique of Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Not only will you learn the entire sequence of the face and neck but you will also experience the benefits on your own skin.

Background theoretical knowledge is available via webinar and a short assessment must be completed prior to attending the practical session. An understanding of the function and structure of the lymphatic system allows you to apply the specific techniques involved in learning this massage routine. Please come to class ready to give and receive the treatment and dressed as you do for your clients.

About the instructor:   Gaynor Farmer, Born in Birmingham, England, Gaynor started her lifelong esthetics career in 1982 studying for 3 years and earning a Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology diploma (CIBTAC).  Gaynor successfully ran her own practice before working worldwide in various spa environments both on land and at sea whilst continually attending post-graduate classes.  Her passion for learning naturally led to positions as an international esthetics educator allowing her to continually hone her skills and expand her knowledge in order to share with fellow estheticians.

Class Fee:  $175 (includes lunch and certificate of completion)
Register:  Call Alexander’s Aesthetics @ 800-367-2539
Location:  Alexander’s Aesthetics Education Center, 1675 Rollins Rd, Suite D, Burlingame, CA 94010
Cancellation Policy:   Cancellations seven (10) business days prior to the class date are fully refundable.

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Alexander’s invites you to attend Face & Body at a discounted rate

Alexander’s invites you to attend the Face & Body Expo at a discounted rate!

This invitation is valid for discounted admission to the Face & Body Expo on Sunday, August 27 and/or Monday, August 28.  Admission includes full access to the expo hall and supplier classes.

Register online at
When asked for a promo code, enter: SJ503
Online before August 25 tickets are $25 (regular price $35)
On-site tickets are $35 (regular price $45)

Alexander’s will feature discounts on:

    • Cirepil Wax
    • Lycon Wax
    • Waxing Accessories
    • Enspri Anti Aging Skin Care
    • Hale & Hush Sensitive Skin Care
    • Illumino Lashes

FREE Show Classes

Sunday, August 27, 2017: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Room: 210B/D
This class will provide you with all of the skills necessary to perform a fast, efficient and thorough treatment using Lycon’s hot and strip waxes.  It will focus on everything from how this system will fit into your work place to client comfort and correct product usage.
Sunday, August 27, 2017: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Room: 211B/D
Cirepil Wax invites you to experience “hard” waxing made easy and profitable!  Hard wax isn’t hard with Cirepil Wax Beads, and we are using it all over the body.  Join Jessica Campbell for a fun and insightful presentation of moneymaking opportunities with Cirepil non-strip waxes. Specific nuances will be featured for easy, full-body, effective and proven painless Cirepil wax treatments, and you will have a chance to win something spectacular!
Monday, August 28, 2017: 10:30 AM – 12:00
Find out cutting-edge ways to attach eyelash extensions that nearly touch the skin yet allow healthy new eyelashes to grow out. You will learn the principles as well as the tips and tricks to achieve an eyeliner look by utilizing the layering technique and be able to demonstrate on a live model how to tailor different lash designs.
ADVANCED EDUCATION CLASS (separate registration fee required)
Saturday, August 26, 2017: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Room: 210C/G
In the science track, Kris Campbell will be looking at different marketplace trends for natural ingredients in the past year and how these ingredients can be used.

Don’t forget to visit us at Booth 176 for Tradeshow Specials!

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